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"The Original" Underbed Safe


Product Information

How much does it weigh? 140 lbs

What is it made out of?The vault is constructed with a double wall design.  16 gauge cold rolled steel is the minimum thickness used with an additional 12 gauge plate welded to the 16 gauge drawer front to create total thickness of .16 inch ( well over 1/8th inch). The effective thickness for the top and bottom is 11 gauge (.12"or 1/8 inch) and the effective thickness of the sides is 7 gauge (.18" well over 1/8 inch).

What is the finish coating? Black powder coating inside and out (only color option at this point)

Is there a lining in the bottom of the safe? Yes. There is a felt liner made of the same material used in trunk liner in a car (polypropylene). 

Drawer glides and capacity? 100 lbs in drawer

What are the dimensions?  The exterior is 7” high, 28” deep and 48” wide.  The interior is 5” high, 26” deep, 44.75” wide with a maximum diagonal length of 51.5”.  A total of 3 cubic feet of storage.The top of the drawer is 6.5" from the floor.

What type of batteries? 4 AA Alkaline

How do I mount it? Mounting holes are provided in the bottom of the case. A universal vehicle mounting kit is available.

Is there a key back up? Yes, one barrel-style key is provided. Serial number on keys allow for replacement if lost.

How many digits for the code?  You choose a minimum of 3 plus A or B and up to a maximum of 8 plus A or B.

Is there a warranty? Yes, it is warranted for 7 years against defects.

Can it be hung from the top?  Yes, several customers have chosen to drill mounting holes in the top and hang it with appropriate hardware.

Is it “Fireproof"? We looked carefully at adding an insulation layer to the MonsterVault to provide fire protection. In the end, the experts we consulted recommended against it. The reasoning was because our product lies on the floor, it is the coolest place in a fire. Secondly, the mattress sitting on top of our product will be by law, non-flammable and a very good insulator against reflected heat off the walls or ceiling. This was compelling enough for us to design our product without insulation. Two things we learned in this process that I like to pass on to customers looking for a fire safe. First, if you are planning to protect documents, I was advised that a document safe is the only way to go. A general purpose safe with items like firearms can have the effect of damaging or destroying paper items in high heat because of interactions with gunpowder, oil or other accelerants. Second, if you are storing any paper (cash, documents) and want them to be fire safe in anything but a document safe, the paper should be in a fireproof, waterproof bag. 

Is it waterproof? No, The body is powder coated so moisture is not a concern but the electronics would be affected negatively by immersion.

Can it be installed on end? Yes, it has been designed to operate on end as well as flat on the floor.

Does it come assembled? Yes, install batteries (not included) and it is ready to go.  Vehicle style handles are a user installed option that requires use of a 1/8” allen wrench.

How long does the battery last and does it beep when the battery is low?  Our experience is that the battery should last 3-4 years with average use indoors. A light on the keypad comes on when the battery is low. 

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