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The Low Profile Underbed Safe

Product Information

How much does it weigh? 
120 lbs
What is the finish coating?
Black powder coating inside and out (only color option at this point)

Drawer glides and capacity?     
100 lbs in drawer

How do I mount it?
Mounting holes are provided in the bottom of the case. A universal vehicle mounting kit is available.

What are the dimensions?         
The exterior is 6" high, 24" deep and 48" wide. The interior is 4" high, 22.5" deep and 44.5" wide. A total of 2.3 cubic feet of storage

What type of batteries?            
4 AA Alkaline

Is there a key back up?            
Yes, one barrel-style key is provided. Serial number on keys allow for replacement if lost.

How many digits for the code? 
You choose a minimum of 3 plus A or B and up to a maximum of 8 plus A or B.

Is there a warranty?                  
The Low Profile Underbed Unit has a 1 year warranty.

Is it “Fire Proof”?                    
It is “fire resistant” 100% steel but no insulation.

Is it waterproof?                       
No, The body is powder coated so moisture is not a concern but the electronics would be affected negatively by immersion.

Does it come assembled?         
Yes, install batteries (not included) and it is ready to go.  Vehicle style handles are a user installed option that requires use of a 1/8” allen wrench.